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Where Faith & Life Intersect

A fun and engaging conversation about how our faith integrates in everyday life. The PopFaith Podcast is designed to help ordinary followers of Jesus view everyday life including pop culture, world news, and family life through the lens of the Gospel.

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The Story Behind PopFaith.

The PopFaith Podcast by Mark Gainey is meant to encourage ordinary Christians to connect the dots between faith and everyday life. PopFaith will cover topics all across scripture,  pop culture, news, worldview, and other issues we encounter regularly. This podcast is meant to be fun and enjoyable for everyone who has an interest in following Jesus and living out their faith!

Recent Episodes

PopFaith Podcast
PopFaith Podcast
Episode 8 - Summer Blockbusters

Meet Your Host

Dr. Mark Gainey is the Lead Pastor of Fultondale First Baptist Church, just north of Birmingham, AL. Mark loves to help believers live out the truth of scripture and has a passion to communicate in creative ways.

Mark Gainey